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The Kol Simcha Orchestra
Dedicated to our founder, friend, and musical mentor, Dr Simcha Pearl
The Kol Simcha Orchestra specializes in traditional Jewish and Israeli music.
The band also plays all styles of popular music from the 1930's to today.
Based in Albany NY,  KSO has been delighting audiences at simchas from New York City to Boston, Rochester, Long Island, New Jersey and Connecticut.  KSO plays Jewish music with an ear toward authenticity and respect for tradition.  But the party doesnt end there....
Jazz, Rock,Oldies, Disco, Swing, Ballads, American Songbook,  Kol Simcha plays something for every musical taste!  Book the Kol Simcha Orchestra for your next community event, Bar-Bat Mitzvah or wedding.
Tel: 518-859-5439
Jeff co-founded Kol Simcha in 1993.
Jeff is an accomplished "Reed Man".
He will be your contact person throughout your planning process
Jeff will guide you through the booking and program planning process to make your simcha everything you and your guests desire.
Jeff is an energetic and personable emcee.  He always does his very best to assure  the customers complete satisfaction. Throughout the past fifteen years Jeff has developed  a longstanding reputation for bringing the fun to the party.
While Jeff coordinates everything in the room, Tony coordinates everyting onstage.  A highly experienced bandleader, Tony makes sure the band is always ready to play the right music at the right time.
Tony works in tandem with Jeff to insure a seamless performance.  Tony has been playing guitar professionally since 1976. He has been a member of Kol Simcha since its inception and has a worked with
members of Neshoma as well as served as lead guitarist with Lenny Solomon's "Schlock Rock".
guitar and vocal
Alex                                                  Joe                                     Michael
female vocalist or additional instrumentation is available at your request
Tony Schettino
Solve the Band/DJ Dilemma
Kol Simcha offers a hybrid Band/DJ show.
This way we are able to reach all of your guests with tradition and elegance of a live band
alternating with the hippest dance music that only a DJ can provide...
And heres the best part...
All at a reasonable cost!
Dr. Jeff Fudin
Song List
Co-manager, Saxophone,
percussion, vocals
Why Kol Simcha?
When you choose Kol Simcha, you get Kol Simcha.  We are not an "Agency" band. Kol Simcha maintains  a remarkably stable roster of players.  We have been playing together for many years and have developed an expansive playlist of music spanning many genres.  We rehearse together regularly and each of us have a personal stake in your complete satisfaction and the continued success of our band.
The members of Kol Simcha would like to express our thanks the Congregation Beth Emmeth
in Albany, NY for their continued supportof our endeavours
and for allowing us to call their temple "Home".