b.o.g. music
Band of Gold
Tony Schettino: Manager, Emcee, Lead Guitar, Vocal, Mandolin
Tony is your contact person at B.O.G. music and will plan your affair out with you to the letter to insure your complete satisfaction.  A highly competent musician, Tony can play convincingly in many styles.
Tonys guitar an vocal work has been a foundation of the Band of Gold
sound since he first joined the band in 1984.  Since taking over as band leader in 2002 Tony has brought Band of Gold to higher levels of success
by encouraging higher standards of musical quality and providing excellent customer service.
Joe Gorman: Vocal, Rhythm Guitar
A natural and gifted vocalist, Joe has bacome an integral member of
Band of Gold since joining the act in  2004.  Joe is known for belting out dead on versions of Beatles classics as well as modern pop tunes.  Joe's six and twelve string acoustic and electric guitar artistry helps create the rich textured sound that Band of Gold has become known for. 
Allyson Schettino: Vocal, Percussion, Saxophone, Mandolin
Growing up with Band of Gold practicing in the garage definately left its mark. Allyson sang her first gig with Band of Gold nine years ago at age sixteen and has been a fan favorite and fixture onstage ever since.  Ally's soulful and heartfelt vocals as well as her gracious manner have earned her many loyal fans who come out time after time to her her sing. 
Alex Schettino: Bass, Alex has worked his way up through the ranks of B.O.G. music since the tender age of 11 playing upright and electric bass on gigs with the Tony Schettino Trio, Kol Simcha, Tunes with Tony and Alex, Esprit Lounge and, Band of Gold as well as freelancing and recording commercial and original music. Alex joins the lineup this year and will be laying down the bass lines with Band of Gold as a full member. Alex is a seasoned player far beyond his twenty years.
Michael Carlito: Drums, Vocal
Michael Joined Band of Gold in 2008 and has already defined his role in the overall sound .  An exceedingly musical drummer, Michael creates interesting rhythms while always striving to "serve the song".  Michael's tasteful and even drumming creates a relaxed musical atmosphere which is always key to a good show.  Michaels talent, knowledge  and versatility allow him to play masterfully across a broad range of styles.